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Our daughter really lacked confidence in maths and we got fed up trying to encourage and support her when she was so anti. Zohreh was like a breath of fresh air, structuring our daughter’s work, and really focusing on her mental work. Zohreh made sure our daughter got the basics by adopting a disciplined, methodical approach to learning combined with a good mix of enthusiasm and realism. In almost no time of practicing times tables and basic maths functions in her head, she went from being really negative about maths to being confident and assured. She got a level 5 in her recent SATs tests and had been working reasonably comfortably at that level for a while. As well as teach our daughter well, Zohreh was very generous in her time and offering feedback and suggestions for improvement. Thank you Zohreh. Brian & Mary

Mary and Brian, Purley

Zohreh has a very good understanding of children, the school system and conveying maths in a stress free way. Zohreh worked with our son Raul under 2yrs and transformed his understanding and appreciation for maths in a way that we did not expect. Raul achieved the level 5 in his KS2 SATS test taken in May and we are very happy with his result.

Amanda, Thornton Heath

Zohreh, thank you for all the help you gave my daughter, Naomi. You were unbelievably patient and kind. As you know Naomi hated maths & had zero confidence when she first came to you, you encouraged her & really made her believe she could improve. She has just got a maths SATS level we know she could not have achieved without your support. Naomi actually likes maths now! We are grateful.

Emma, Addiscombe, Croydon

I have been extremely satisfied with Zohreh's teaching. She has helped tutor my son through the grammar school entrance tests with great success, I highly recommend her teaching.

Farah, Croydon

I have never met such a patient and dedicated teacher as Zohreh. She has given my daughter Hannah so much more confidence in a subject that she was struggling with. Zohreh taught my daughter to focus and to believe that she can achieve. Hannah has just won an award at school for most improved pupil in maths. We wouldn't have achieved this without Zohreh's lessons. We are now awaiting SATS results for the year 6 with great hopes for high school. I would highly recommend Zohreh to any parent.

Andrea, Mitcham

Zohreh has given my son the theoretical support required to do well. This year (2012) he successfully obtained level 5 SATS in Maths. She always encourages him to work and do his best. Thank you for your assistance and continued support.

K. Edwards, Thornton Heath

My son, who is 12 years old, was a bit low in confidence when it came to solving maths problems. We are so delighted to have had the privilege of introducing him to Mrs Ingrams during the end of 2011. Mrs Ingram not only helped him immensely with his confidence but also taught him important concepts within a short time span. She is a dedicated, focussed and caring teacher.

V Peethamber, Croydon

Zohreh has worked with my son, Joshua, for a year. We contacted her because he had begun to slip in his grades in year 5. By February 2011, JOshua was offered a place at Whitgift School. After Joshua started lessons with Zohreh, He began to make significant improvements in his work. She provided him with sound strategies in maths that helped to raise his confidence in the subject. At times I overheard Zohreh conducting Joshu's lesson. She was passionate in her praise of him but also held high expectations of him which, in turn motivated him to produce answers that were both accurate and timely. Zohreh was a very reliable tutor and always found the time to provide a useful analysis of Joshua's performance at the end of the lesson. He did not see his lessons as a burden - in fact, he felt very fortunate to have had Zohreh and commented to me that she is was the best tutor that he has worked with. We are delighted that Joshua has been accepted by Whitgift and believe that Zohreh's input made a significant difference. It is also important to note that even though Joshua has taken a break from tutoring over the past two months, he has managed to maintain his high grades. I accredit this to the strategies and confidence that he gained from Zohreh. I would highly recommend her. Mrs A Silverstone 20/02/11

Mrs A. Silverstone, South Norwood

I contacted Mrs Ingram to tutor my daughter as she started in year 4. She was having a lot of trouble with her confidence in class which meant that she wasn't progressing at the level that I knew she could. I didn't know anyone who had a maths tutor already, and so did an internet search of tutor agencies. I was looking for someone who had a good knowledge of the Key stage 2 curriculum but who would go back to basics to build confidence and speed up again. Mrs Ingram taught Madeleine from Year 4 through to her SATs in Year 6, where I am delighted to say that Madeleine achieved a grade 5. Mrs Ingram was extremely patient with Madeleine. She was firm but so full of praise when needed. Madeleine was reticent to have a tutor at first but came to enjoy her lessons, often relishing in the challenges posed by Mrs Ingram. Mrs Ingram always had an abundance of time to speak to me after the lesson as to Madeleine's progress and what could be completed in the week ahead before the next lesson. She was always punctual, polite and I would have no qualms about recommending her to other potential students.

Mrs A. Atack, W.Wickham

Zohreh started tutoring Rehana one to one just over 3 months ago. The lesson is once a week for an hour. Rehana didn't enjoy maths at school, to say the least, which was the reason for me bringing a tutor in to help her with the basics. Zohreh started with the very basics in addition and subtraction and explained various ways to help her understand the methods and checking her work. She gave her homework to do every week and advised me to do maths at home with Rehana for about 15-20 minutes a day. This has really helped Rehana in picking up the basics and move through to Times tables and division. I am very happy to say that Rehana knows all her Times tables now and has received a certificate from her class because she got every single answer correct in a class test (50 questions) which really boosted her confidence. I would say this was made possible by Zohreh's tutoring skills. Rehana is now moving on to multiplication, division, decimals and percentages and the academic year is looking much more positive. The school has said how much more confident Rehana has become since the private tuition has been in place. Zohreh is a brilliant teacher and she ensures that the lesson time is utilised in the best way possible for Rehana.Zohreh is very patient and is very thorough in her tutoring. I feel that Rehana is starting to enjoy maths and is becoming more confident as each day goes by thanks to Zohreh

Beena Ali, Thornton Heath

Zohreh started tutoring my son, Tiran in August 2009. Prior to that Tiran, at year 3 , had enormous difficulties with performing addition, subtraction and times tables and even struggled adding very small numbers. Zohreh started the maths work at a very basic level allowing Tiran to use his fingers to add up giving the correct answers and Tiran gradually recognised and learnt the basics of addition and subtraction. After a few weeks the tutor moved on to teaching the times tables, division and multiplication. After few months, I could see the enormous progress Tiran had made and although he was not 100 % fluent in his maths work his progress had been very positive. His school teacher was pleased with his progress and Tiran was motivated to have his private tuition. One of the good points of the tutor is she is patient to repeat a small part several times. My son receives regular homework and he accepts the discipline enforced by the tutor to do his homework and applies the required efforts to get results correctly. My son , at year 4 now, is continuing his tuition with Zohreh and we are looking forward to the future with confidence that he will gain better understanding and skills in maths in the coming academic year.

Olugh Chukwu, Addiscombe

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