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I was tutored by Mrs Ingram over the past three years. My mother and I found her via her website in September 2011. I had passed my year 10 maths test with a low mark and my confidence in the subject was very low. After a couple of lessons with Mrs Ingram I realised she was a well qualified and very experienced maths teacher. She was also very pleasant and patient and had no qualms to explain a method or solution several times until I could grasp the method. She always encouraged me to ask questions when/if I was confused with a solution. Mrs Ingram knew how to break down the GCSE maths topics in smaller parts in such a way that the topic was understandable. With consistent practice and homework she gave me I became better in my school work, therefore my confidence improved and I started to enjoy maths. I passed my GCSE maths with the grade B and since I felt so confident in myself I took the subject at A level. Mrs Ingram helped me through my AS and A2 in such a way that I developed good knowledge and understanding of the subject. In addition to teaching the subject Mrs Ingram helped me to develop my exam techniques to solve maths problems in time constraint of exam period. I cannot stress enough how valuable her support, encouragement and teaching were in helping me pass my Alevel maths. Now that I have passed my Alevel maths I am off to university to take a degree course in mathematical subjects. My maths tutor is truly highly knowledgable in her subject as well as being inspirational and supporting to her pupils. Thank you very much Mrs Ingram for what you did for me.

Seda, Norbury
A Level

We are extremely grateful to Zohreh teaching our daughter Emma, AS Level Maths. Emma had a lot of problems with her AS level maths when she started the course in September 2011. Zohreh started teaching her in January 2012 and within a few months Emma's grades in maths tests started to improve. In June examination, 2012, Emma achieved 2A's and a B in her AS level maths papers. We still can't believe our daughter's success and wish to express our deepest gratitute to Zohreh for her consistent patience and hard work.

Joanne Leitch, Purley
A Level

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