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Without the support of my tutor, Zohreh, I could not be able to pass my GCSE maths. I only passed my December mock paper in maths with the grade 2/3. With Zohreh's support I achieved the grade 5 at foundation level in June examination. Zohreh is a kind, dedicated and hardworking tutor. I would recommend her 100%.

Erin, Shirley, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

My son got a grade 5 in his January Maths GCSE mock exam. After working with Zohreh for five months he achieved a grade 8. We are so grateful for Zohreh's input. She is a calm, positive and dedicated teacher. Thank you Zohreh!

Rosemary, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

After a length searcher a Maths tutor for our daughter Nyima, we found Zohreh, she improved her overall confidence in Maths and in general. She contributed enormously in achieving a pass grade in her Maths GCSE. Zohreh is highly recommended.

Kabba Jobe, Thornton Heath
KS3 and GCSE

I started working with Zohreh 5 months before my Maths GCSE. I had achieved a D in my mock exam and I needed help to boost my mark up to be able to continue with what I wanted to do at A level at a good sixth form. Zohreh worked with me very well over the 5 months and was a calm and collected teacher who never minded going through exercises slowly if I needed, she also made me familiar with what the examiner wanted. I achieved a grade C in my maths GCSE and due to Zohreh's help I am now continuing on with what I want to do in my desired sixth form, Thank you!

Hannah, Coulson
KS3 and GCSE

Thank you so much for your help with tutoring my daughter at GCSE maths this year. You gave her confidence when she was doubting herself, and helped her to understand the topics that she struggled with. She worked hard for her grade, and, with your guidance and suggestions fully deserved the solid "A" grade that she achieved. Thank you.

Jenny, Sunderstead
KS3 and GCSE

This is a statement about my experience of my son's tuition with Zohreh. My son was keen to progress maths and science in his continuing education but as exams were coming closer it was felt he needed additional support to push what was a lucky C into a higher more consistent grade. Jarod had 13 sessions of tuition with Zohreh in little over two months. AS a result of the tuition Jarod developed a greater confidence in his ability and was able to focus on the areas that he found most challenging rather than his previous technique of sticking to what he knew. He was also helped by one to one tuition where things were explained to him in terms he could understand the importance of key terms that he had to know for the exams. The undertaking of past papers at home to review in the sessions also prepared him better for the exam. It is important to stress that Jarod was given a lot of this information by school, at home and through family members but Zohreh's approach made him understand why this was necessary and he was able to see the results at first hand which led him push himself to achieve "B". I thank Zohreh for her valuable support for my son in the most crucial period to GCSE exam.

Rob, Park Hill
KS3 and GCSE

I hired Zohreh as a maths tutor for my son, James, as I wanted him to improve his GCSE maths. He had achieved "U" in his year 10 maths test. Tuition was carried out from August 2015- June 2016 and as a result James achieved a grade "B" in his GCSE maths. James liked his tuition with Zohreh for the fact that tuition on various topics was clear and she would praise James for his good work and progress. We are very pleased with the result and grateful to Zohreh for her hard work.

Caroline, Gravel Hill, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

My Daughter Amie always had low confidence in maths but really benefited from having Zohreh teach her. Zohreh was always very calm and explained things really well and praised Amie for her efforts. She was always interested in what my daughter enjoyed in school and out of school which made Amie feel relaxed with her. Zohreh took time to email work to her to help with exam preparation, Amie achieved her predicted grade and was overjoyed. I would highly recommend Zohreh to other students.

Debbie, Gravel Hill Village, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

Zohreh was very welcoming and flexible when it came to tutoring me. From the start she encouraged me and instilled a lot of belief and support in me. She made learning maths easy to understand. I had two tries at my maths exam and she helped me tremendously so much so that I gained a C in the second time around! Zohreh is very good at what she does and knows how to engage her students which I found really helpful! I am so grateful I got in contact with Zohreh and would have no else help me as she is a superstar! Thank you Zohreh! Ella aged 24 (teacher training student)

Ella, Addiscombe, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

Dear Zohreh Hugo got 7A*and 2 As so he is very pleased. He got an A*in his GCSE maths, so big thanks to You! He enjoyed your lessons and it helped him with topics he had found difficult before. Once again thank you so much.

Simon, South Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

Hi zohreh yes we picked up Alfie's results and he got 1 A in history and 7 B's one of those was Maths. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Alfie.

Tudie, Addiscombe
KS3 and GCSE

Thank you so much for the tuition you gave Matthew for the rigorous IGCSE exam where he achieved an A. Matt was not quite getting the attention he needed at school to achieve this level and you were instrumental in ensuring all of the syllabus was covered and that he was conversant with it to a high degree. You were patient and understanding and yet able to progress him to the pass mark that will hold him in good stead throughout his life.

Clive , South Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

We are grateful to you tutoring our son, Efe. You helped Efe who was reluctant to bring the best out of himself to achieve his goals in GCSE. His GCSE maths result was "A" and we believe he could not have done it without the help/tutoring of Mrs Zohreh. We have decided to continue with Mrs Zohreh tutoring Efe's Aslevel Maths. I will recommend Mrs Zohreh to anyone who is interested in using her to tutor their children.

Uyi and Bimbo, Selsdon
KS3 and GCSE

Our daughter was low in confidence in maths and in her mock she achieved a D grade. Zohreh prepared our daughter during year 11 and her teaching methods were effective in giving our daughter much needed confidence and learning how to enjoy maths and to do things simply so much so she achieved an "A" In her GSCE this year. I would recommend Zohreh without hesitation.

M.Baker, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

I really enjoyed being taught by Zohreh. She was patient and I really benefitted from her calm and professional style of teaching. Zohreh covered the whole syllabus and would always go over any areas I had difficulty with. She increased my confidence and knowledge in the subject and in the end my final result was two grades higher than predicted, as I had been predicted a "D" but achieved a "B". I was delighted. Kind regard Kiera

Keira (aged 16), Addiscombe, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

Dear Mrs Ingram, just to let you know how grateful we are for the enormous assistance you have provided in helping Daniel achieve his full potential without which Daniel would have not got his A*'s in his GCSE maths units exams.

Paola Moth, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

We are very pleased that Mrs. Ingram has been able to help our daughter achieve GCSE A grade in Mathematics. We are fortunate to have found a dedicated, helpful and caring Maths teacher, whom our daughter thinks highly of. We have no reservations at all in recommending her to you.

Mr and Mrs Rahim, West Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

Ashley has always had poor prediction by her maths teachers since primary school. When Ashley got into secondary school the outlook was just as dismal. This did not help Ashley's confidence at all and so learning maths became a struggle. Six months before her GCSE�s I contacted Zohreh to help tutor Ashley in Maths. The aim was to get her to pass the subject but also if possible to boost her confidence so she could do even better. Three months after Zohreh�s tutoring Ashley mock GCSE exam result was a C; a big improvement from the E she got in the exam before that. Her GCSE result was a B and Ashley is so confident with Maths now, she is taking it at A Level. Thank you to Zohreh for her persistence and incredible teaching skills, which obviously played a big part in Ashley�s success.

Elizabeth, Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

Charlotte got an A in Maths! Thank you so much for your help. You provided a calm, kind and consistent support for Charlotte at a time just when she needed it.This has meant so much to her as she can definitely do Psychology for A level.I will certainly recommend you and again thank you.

Emma, South Croydon
KS3 and GCSE

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